Scores and Payouts for our 10th Annual April Fools Shoot

An amazing turnout at our 10th Annual April Fools Shoot! Shooter came out in droves in the beautiful spring weather, and 28,200 targets were thrown today. Nothing better than breaking orange targets in blue skies!

Bradley Powell led the pack on the Woods Course with a 98, followed by Steve Edmondson with a 97 and triple 96’s from Ed Jones, Steve Lundeen, and Ricky Fung-a Fat. Grace Callahan was our Ladies Champion with a 93.

Targets on the Main Course were farther and faster. Jared Rumer took first with a 98, Bradley Powell second with a 94 and Rodger Becker & Grace Callahan tied for third with 93’s.

Thank you to all the shooters who came out and shot with us today. Whether it’s your first time or your fortieth time at Cedar Creek, we appreciate your business. Full scores and payouts are up on iclays. Checks have been mailed.

We hope to see you for May Mayhem on May 7th. You can sign up now on

Cedar Creek Sporting Clays Customer Appreciation Day

Thanks to your calls and emails, A.4179 and A.4180, the anti- gun bills sponsored by Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-28), were removed from Monday’s NJ Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee’s agenda. As written, these bills require target shooters to produce a state issued ID along with an FID card or a purchase permit before using a range.

As a way of saying thank you for your support in this crucial matter and for your support throughout the year, Cedar Creek Sporting Clays will be offering a complimentary lunch to all shooters on Saturday, December 10th. Come on out, shoot some clays and enjoy a great day at the range!

While A.4179 and A.4180 might have been removed from Monday’s agenda, these bills are by no means dead. Opposition from gun owners has resulted in the bills being held for further discussion. Again, thank you to our shooters who contacted committee members in opposition to these anti-gun bills. Your action made all the difference. Again, there will be no hearing on these bills Monday.

Urgent! NJ Legislation Puts Shooting Ranges in Crosshairs


Shooting ranges as we know them may be a thing of the past if anti-gun politicians have their way in the Garden State. A pair of dangerous bills are scheduled to be heard in the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee as early as Monday, December 5.

A.4179 and A.4180, sponsored by Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-28), require target shooters to produce a state issued ID along with an FID card or a purchase permit before using a range. Even if you have a firearms id card, this affects you because you will have nowhere to shoot. New Jersey has been notorious for delaying issuance of those documents, and this bill would ban using ranges without such paperwork. In addition, the bills as written contain excessive “transfer” prohibitions where simply handing a gun between an instructor and a student would be a serious issue. Hunter safety courses, family days at the range, open houses and new shooter introduction events would all be jeopardized. Even law enforcement members would have a hard time using ranges to train or qualify.


Scores: Cedar Creek Sporting Clays Pumpkin Buster

img_0007 img_0012

Thanks to everyone who braved the bad weather reports and came out and shot the Pumpkin Buster on Sunday. Our shooters were rewarded with a clear day of shooting with not even a sprinkle of rain. We also had a Celebrity Fossil at the shoot! Nice to see Ed Stroik out crushing some clays.

A good time was had by all, although a few said that there was a wascally wabbit that was giving them fits.

Congratulations to Michael Parkhurst who handily won the Main with a 95. Rodger Becker was M2 with A 90 and Grace Callahan came in third and won Ladies with an 88.

On the Woods Course, Rodger Becker edged out Parkhurst and Glen Lewandowski’s twin 96’s to win top honors with a 97. Grace Callahan came in third and won Ladies again, this time with a 94.

A special mention- George Rossi continued his winning streak on his State Championship tour and tied for first with Bill Damora in C Class with an 81. What a way to celebrate your birthday! Nice shooting Big George & many happy returns! Full scores and payouts are up on

Hope to see you all at the November Blast on November 6th, when we will have all simos on the Main Course and Sporting on the Woods Course.

From our friends at the Paragon School of Shooting

Perception Versus Reality

When an entry-level shooter decides to work with me, I can almost always count on his or her open mind and eagerness to listen. That’s because, from their perspective of “why did that just happen,” they have little or no experience to fall back on. X’s and 0’s are a complete mystery. That’s OK of course, and very much understandable. Underway enthusiastically, instruction is received and implemented with little if any resistance. Predictably, student comprehension and progress accelerate rapidly.

Here’s a common, subtle difference with a more experienced shooter in a lesson. XXXXXX. We’re off to a good start, yes? My student’s thinking, “Darn right we are! I smoked those targets!” Well, let’s slow up a second and consider why he’s here today. It’s not because of X’s, it’s because of those all too frequent, mysterious and frustrating 0’s.

Please understand that my student can break targets with a “less than ideal” swing. As can we. Standing behind him and watching each swing very carefully, the swing errors are quite obvious. To me. But not to him. And why would they be? At the very least, in the shooter’s mind, every X forgives the swing error. At worst, the X refutes the error. But it’s the missing that’s the real reason for him being here with me today. And when the errors are pointed out, I can see the glint of doubt in his eyes. After all, remember, he just watched XXXX.

Read the full article here…

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